The IATUL Directors’ Summit on “The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Library Services in Developing Countries”, hosted by the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), provides a forum for exchange of experience at executive level of university and research libraries. It will take place in Windhoek, Namibia from Sunday, 5 November to Wednesday, 8 November and we are expecting around 40-60 participants.

The Directors’ Summit offers an outstanding opportunity to companies to showcase their services and products in a professional way.

The workshop will be organised as a sequence of round table discussions on selected topics, aimed at analysing requirements for library development in Namibia and neighbouring countries. The discussions shall be the starting point for future collaboration projects in the region.

The guiding motif of the event is “The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Library Services in Developing Countries”. The program will be organised around the following subtopics:

• New Service Environments and Service Skills Development

• Interaction between University Infrastructure and Library Development

• Ubiquitous Library

• Building Research Support Services

• Adaptive Library Structures

• Mission, Vision, Reality and Networking


You can choose from the different sponsorship packages below.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event or if you have further questions, please contact:

Judy Grobler
Tel  +264 61 2072092
Marianne Gei-khoibes
Tel  +264 61 2072605

We look forward to your commitment to the 2017 IATUL Directors’ Summit in Windhoek, Namibia.


Sponsorship Packages

1. Catering Sponsorship

The tea/coffee breaks, lunches and dinners served during the summit will be offered at the summit venue:

• Tea/Coffee Break (Monday, 9:45-10:30) €150

• Tea/Coffee Break (Monday, 15:00-15:15) €150

• Tea/Coffee Break (Tuesday, 9:45-10:15) €150

• Tea/Coffee Break (Tuesday, 14:30-15:00) €150

• Lunch (Monday, 12:30-14:00) €550

• Lunch (Tuesday, 12:15-13:30) €550

• Dinner (Monday, 18:30) €500

• Dinner (Tuesday, 18:30) €500


• Short lunch/dinner time presentation by sponsoring company

• Logo on the buffet tables (coffee/tea break or lunch)

• Including company information in summit material


2. Sponsorship for Venue Rental

Rental for day 1 €200

Rental for day 2 €200


• Acknowledgement in summit programme


3. Sponsorship for Event Packs

• Sponsorship of summit bags (high visibility during and after summit) €500

• Pen and notepads with company branding included in the summit bags €250

• Company branded gifts in all summit bags €250

• Company branded lanyards (for delegate name tags) €125

• Sponsorship of printing of event programmes and banners, on which the company logo appears €500